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Proud to be a
Montgomery County Democrat
Democratic turnout in Montgomery County was up 14%!

Top five municipalities by Democratic Turnout
Narberth Cheltenham Jenkintown Upper Dublin Lower Merion
27.43% 24.22% 23.85% 22.03% 20.33%
Congrats - keep up the good work.



This spring's primary election marked another milestone for the Montgomery County Democratic Party.


Historically Democratic turnout has not kept up with our opponents especially in off-year Primary elections. Too often, we fail to use the full strength of their numbers.


On May 19, for the first time in a Primary Election more Democrats voted than Republicans: 37,971 of our voters came to the polls, compared to 35,449 Republicans.  In other words, approximately 2,500 more Democrats voted.


This historic showing bodes well for the general election Nov. 3.  We must turn out in significant numbers to make sure that Commissioners Josh Shapiro and Val Arkoosh retain control of county government, that we elect all nine of our row officer candidates, and that we put three more Democrats on the Court of Common Pleas. We are also going to concentrate on helping candidates in competitive races at the local and school board level.


A big turnout in the fall is essential for our state party, too. If we do our jobs, we will enhance our status as the third-largest bastion of Democratic votes in Pennsylvania, behind only Philadelphia and Allegheny County.  Last November, we cast nearly as many votes for Governor Tom Wolf as Allegheny County. With Pittsburgh at its core, Allegheny has 414,000 more people, but it cast just 1,500 more votes for Wolf.  We carried the county in excess of 50,000 votes.


This year we face an epic battle for the Supreme Court. A modern-record three seats are up. We have to work hard and roll up similar numbers for the Supreme Court nominees, as we did last year for the Governor and do in Presidential years. Their victory will have vital implications for the redrawing of congressional and legislative districts in the next decade.


On May 19, I was really proud of the fact that we were able to hold our ballot from the beginning to the end. It was a complicated ballot, but our efforts showed. Every single one of our endorsed candidates won.


Right now, we are in better financial shape at every level than we have ever been.  The Party has three times as much money in its coffers as our opponents.  Josh and Val had an astounding $1.4 million on hand in their last public financial report, while our Republican opponents had just a few thousand.


These are good times to be a Democrat in Montgomery County. Having said that, we must be careful about reading our own press clippings. The best way not to win is to think you cannot lose. We cannot get complacent. As of this point, in the middle of the election cycle, we have not won anything yet. We must -- and I know we will -- stick together and work our very hardest.


So enjoy a bit of time at the beach or the mountains this summer, but let's also keep working hard towards victory this Fall.


Thanks to everyone for their good efforts.



What's on your mind?
What are the most important issues
in your community?
Row Officer Spotlight
Jeanne Sorg

Jeanne Sorg knows something about helping people with problems. She has been doing it for years as both Mayor of Ambler and senior aide in Glenside to State Representative Steve McCarter. In November, Sorg hopes to be elected Recorder of Deeds, a position in which she sees the opportunity "to do so much good for the community."


The responsibility of the Recorder of Deeds is to maintain land records in Montgomery County, collect real estate transfer taxes and oversee notaries. Sorg believes that, within that framework, the Recorder can do much more to protect the interests of veterans and the elderly, among others.


Veterans are entitled to file their military records with the Recorder of Deeds, to ensure the records don't get lost and to guarantee they can receive all benefits for which they are eligible.


But Sorg sees that it may be a hardship for elderly or disabled vets to travel to the courthouse in Norristown. She proposes that veterans be able to submit their papers to the Recorder of Deeds by dropping them off at the local office of their state representative, which is likely to be closer to home.
Mark Levy

Mark Levy recalls that, just hours before being sworn as the newly-elected Prothonotary of Montgomery County on Jan. 7, 2008, he stopped by the Prothonotary's office to say hello to the staff. While there, he noticed a woman with a black eye standing at the counter waiting for the paper work to get a protection-from-abuse order.


Later, after the swearing-in, he asked out of curiosity whether the woman had received the order. He was told, no, she had left. "She couldn't wait," Levy remembers. "They told me, 'It takes all day to get a PFA.' I vowed, right then, that no woman would ever again have to wait all day to get a PFA, not on my watch."  


Almost eight years later, now running for a third term, Levy cites the streamlining of procedures for protection orders as a major accomplishment. For any woman who has received a black eye from a husband or boyfriend, it's tough enough to attend a court hearing and ask for a protection order, he says. She shouldn't have to put up with red tape and bureaucracy when she gets to the Prothonotary's office.





Learn more about how Mark has revamped the

Prothonotary's office.

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Montco Democrats Bestow Labor Award on Griggs


5 May 2015, King of Prussia; The Montgomery County Democratic Committee bestowed its 2015 Bob Cooper Democratic Labor Award Wednesday evening on Bernard Griggs Jr., business representative of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO.


Chairman Marcel L. Groen presented the Party's award to Griggs, accompanied by his wife, Ella, at the Annual Spring Reception held at the Doubletree by Hilton in King of Prussia. Bunnie Cooper, Bob Cooper's widow, and her daughter and granddaughter thanked the Party and those in attendance for continuing to honor Bob's memory; Griggs joined past recipients in receiving the signature "Coop" pin.


As business representative for the Building and Construction Trades Council, a position he has held since 2003, Griggs serves 44 union locals with a total of 44,000 members. He is co-chairman of the Council's Safety Committee, and he has served as chairman of both the Montgomery County and Bucks County Building Trades Committees.


In accepting the Bob Cooper award, Griggs commented on how far Montgomery County Democrats have come in recent years, winning a majority on the Board of Commissioners in 2011 and in position to sweep county offices this year.  He promised strong support for Montco Democrats, whom he called "great friends and partners."


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