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Montco Democrats call on Joe Gale to speak out on Charlottesville, VA


August 16, 2017  NORRISTOWN, PA -  The Montgomery County Democratic Committee today issued the following statement calling for Montgomery County Minority Commissioner Joe Gale to condemn the domestic terrorism that took place over the past weekend in Charlottesville, VA.

"It has been four days since the racist and tragic events last weekend in Charlottesville, but there has not been a public word, spoken or written, by Commissioner Gale about Charlottesville since Saturday.  As the self-proclaimed 'de facto head of the Republican Party' in Montgomery County, one would expect the Commissioner to be one of the first to speak out for or against last weekend’s events.

"Republican elected officials across the country have condemned the actions of the K.K.K., neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, and they did it immediately and definitively.  From Senator Orrin Hatch to House Speaker Paul Ryan to Congressman Charlie Dent, the repudiations were consistent, but there has been nothing from the highest ranking Republican in Montgomery County -- Commissioner Gale.

"There is no comment on Charlottesville on his website.  No comment on his Twitter accounts.  No comment on his Facebook accounts.  This is unusual for an elected official who is typically quick to personally criticize anyone who disagrees with him, and who claims to have been the first and strongest public official to endorse then-candidate Trump last year.

"While his fellow commissioners, Democrats Val Arkoosh and Ken Lawrence, have been outspoken on Charlottesville, there has been nothing from Commissioner Gale.  To the best of our knowledge, he did not attend any of the vigils or other gatherings around the county designed to show solidarity with and compassion for those affected by the hate-filled actions in Virginia.   However, he did find the time to travel to Berks County recently to address a group that is on the list of anti-government organizations maintained by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"It is time for Commissioner Gale, who has openly talked about seeking higher office, to step forward and tell the people of Montgomery County how he feels about what happened in Charlottesville.  It doesn’t take courage to denounce racism and neo-Nazis, unless you agree with them."

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