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Senator Leach comments on Commonwealth Court ruling that NRA’s special standing bill is unconstitutional

“Democratic and Republican judges all agreed that this law ‘clearly, palpably and plainly’ violates the Constitution. What this means is that all municipalities that repealed constitutional gun ordinances may reenact them. All municipalities that abandoned constitutional practices regarding where guns may be carried, may resume enforcing them. And the NRA can go back to doing what it does best: making sure that we never pass reasonable, constitutional gun restrictions which would save thousands of lives per year.”

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Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh elected secretary of regional planning board.

“Montgomery County commissioners’ Vice Chairwoman Dr. Valerie Arkoosh just added a new title to her resume.

According to a press release sent out Thursday, Arkoosh has been elected the secretary of the board of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC).”

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Montgomery County Commissioners commend passage of 911 funding reform.

“Local governments have struggled to maintain adequate funding for 911 systems for far too long,” (Governor Tom) Wolf said in a press release announcing the legislation. “I commend the General Assembly for passing a bill that will bolster these institutions that are vital to maintaining public safety in our communities.”

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Senator Daylin Leach, Prime Sponsor of PA’s Marriage Equality Bill, Comments on Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Ruling

´I am overjoyed. The Court’s historic decision granting marriage rights to same-sex couples is a triumph for values that all Americans hold dear: liberty, justice, and equal treatment under the law. In the decades since Stonewall, Americans have fought, bled, and even died in their pursuit of this historic achievement. We have them to thank and remember as we celebrate this momentous decision with the people we love.”

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Governor Wolf vetoes Pennsylvania liquor privatization bill

“This legislation falls short of a responsible means to reform our state liquor system and to maximize revenues to benefit our citizen. It makes bad business sense for the Commonwealth and consumers to sell off an asset, especially before maximizing its value. During consideration of this legislation, it became abundantly clear that this plan would result in higher prices for consumers. In the most recent case of another state that pursued the outright privatization of liquor sales, consumers saw higher prices and less selection.

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Democrats applaud governor’s veto of liquor bill

“Governor Wolf understood what was at stake. The hardworking men and women who operate the wine and spirits shops are our friends and neighbors, people we know,” (Democratic State Senator Jay) Costa said. “They contribute a great deal to our economy.

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Dean: Wolf’s criminal/abuse-clearance fee waiver announcement is welcome news for volunteers

“State Rep. Madeleine Dean said that Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement today waiving the fees for volunteers’ State Police Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Clearance is welcome news for volunteers across the commonwealth.

Additionally, the fee for these clearances will be reduced from $10 each to $8 for workers who need them for their current or prospective employment.”


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Pension woes? Not in Montgomery County

“After years of not making contributions into the county’s pension fund causing a downgrade in the county’s bond rating, Montgomery County officials report the county’s pension is now among the most well-funded in the country.

Last week Uri Monson, the county’s Chief Financial Officer, reported that Montgomery County’s employee pension is 90.1 percent funded. At 90.1 its still among the top tier funded pensions in the country,” Monson said in an interview on Wednesday.”

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