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The Democratic National Convention is only 135 days away!
People from all over Pennsylvania and the country are signing up to volunteer.  MCDC will be working closely with the DNC to make sure that there will be plenty of volunteers from Montgomery County for this historic event.
How to sign up as a volunteer with the DNC:
Step 1:
Go to phldnc.com and click volunteer.
Step 2:
On the next page click, 'Volunteer sign up.'  You will then be redirected to the page below.  Click 'Register Here.'
Step 3:
Select your affiliation.
Step 4:
Begin registration by creating an account.
Step 5:
Check the box next to 'I am interested in volunteer opportunities with the PHL 2016 DNC.'  Then click next.
Step 6:
Fill out the profile with your information.  Towards the bottom of the page there is a question that asks if you are with a group.  Please select 'Montgomery County Democratic Committee' as the group.
Step 7:
On the next page, there will be terms and conditions.  Please read them and then type your initials, and select 'Agree & Confirm.'
Step 8:
Finally you will be brought to a confirmation screen.  Select confirm, and you will receive a confirmation email as well.

To learn more about the Democratic National Convention being held in Philadelphia, please visit their website at phldnc.com.

If you need help registering call us at the office (610) 272-2000

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