Voter Services
Committee Person Forms
Executive Committee
Area Title First Name Last Name
13 Chairman & Dem State Committee Member Joseph Foster
10 Executive Vice Chair & County Treasurer & Area 10 Leader  Jason Salus
10 First Vice Chair Marie Beresford
14 Second Vice Chair & County Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg
8 Treasurer & Area 8 Leader Michael Barbiero
6 Corresponding Secretary Veronica  Hill-Milbourne
10 Recording Secretary Olivia Brady
1 Area Leader Marlene Armato
1 Representative Ross  Belovich
1 Representative Rose Banks
2 Area Leader Elaine Hannock
2 Representative Ryan Pugh
3 Area Leader Bob Solomon
3 Representative & Democratic State Committee Member  Nate  Webster
4 Area Leader Frank Burstein
4 Representative Lisa Moore
4 Representative Matt Stehman
4 Representative Mike Barrett
4 Representative Charles Steinberger
5 Area Leader Al Rieck
5 Representative Tom  Landauer
5 Representative Jack Hansen
5 Representative Rachel Malagari
5 Representative Bob Miller
6 Area Leader & Dem State Committee Member Patrick Costello
6 Representative Theresa Brown
6 Representative Gary Scarpello
7 Area Leader Howard Rovner
7 Representative Jill  Blumhardt
7 Representative Nick Scull
8 Area Leader (SEE ABOVE)    
8 Representative David Floyd
8 Representative Lori Schreiber
8 Representative Ayanna Laney-Martin
9 Area Leader Noah Marlier
9 Representative Ken Mirsky
9 Representative Jay Conners
9 Representative Adina Birnbaum
9 Representative & Democratic State Committee Member  Deb McCarter
10 Area Leader (SEE ABOVE)    
10 Representative Michael  Drossner
10 Representative Marty  Higgins
11 Co-Area Leader Kelly  Devine
11 Co-Area Leader Bill Caldwell
11 Representative Joe Graeff
11 Representative T.A. Ellis
12 Area Leader & Dem State Committee Member Tom Kohler
12 Representative Dan Yarnall
13 Area Leader Jonathan  Shapiro
13 Representative Bill Leopold
13 Representative Marlene Richmond
13 Representative Eva Ray
13 Representative Jim Robinson
14 Co-Area Leader Margaret Phiambolis
14 Co-Area Leader Rochelle Waldman
14 Representative Matt Cooley
15 Area Leader Rachel Hendricks
15 Representative Ted Josey
X Dem State Committee & Asian American Committee Chair Moon  Ahn
X Dem State Committee Andrea Baptiste
X Dem State Committee Ellen  Brookstein
X Dem State Committee Scott Brown
X Dem State Committee Ruth Damsker
X Dem State Committee Linda Hee
X Dem State Committee D. Gregory Holt
X Dem State Committee Murray Levin
X Dem State Committee Dottie Miller
X Dem State Committee Caren Moskowitz
X Dem State Committee Dan  Woodall
X Dem State Committee Amy  Grossman
X US Senator Bob Casey
X Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale
X Congressman (2nd) Dwight Evans
X Congressmen (13th) Brendan Boyle
X State Senator (4th) Art  Haywood
X State Senator (7th) Vince Hughes
X State Senator (17th) Daylin Leach
X State Rep (70th) Matt Bradford
X State Rep (148th) Mary Jo Daley
X State Rep (149th) Tim Briggs
X State Rep (153rd) Madeleine Dean
X State Rep (154th) Steve McCarter
X State Rep (166th) Greg Vitali
X State Rep (172th) Kevin Boyle
X State Rep (194th) Pamela DeLissio
X County Commissioner Val Arkoosh
X County Commissioner Josh Shapiro
X County Coroner Michael Milbourne
X County Clerk of Courts Ann Weiss
X County Prothonotary Mark Levy
X County Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes
X County District Attorney Kevin Steele
X County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny
x County Controller Karen Geld Sanchez
X County Jury Commissioner Joanne Cisco Olszewski
X PA Dems Chair Marcel Groen
X PA Dems Vice Chair Penny Gerber
X Solicitor Karl Myers
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